Terms and Conditions


      All lesson fees are based on a flat rate and are non-negotiable. My fees reflect my vast experience, expertise, insights, exclusive         knowledge of the private school system and 100% success rate of my students.

      All lessons are a minimum of 60 minutes long and are held in the pupil’s home.


      Lessons are generally prepaid in courses of 6 weeks or 8 weeks depending on your preference. 

      The advantage of booking your lessons in bulk is that you can retain your desired time-slot,
      which is recommended for consistency, as bookings are currently in very high demand.


Please note 24 hours notice is required for cancellations or rescheduling.

Cancellations & rescheduling must be notified BY TELEPHONE ONLY.

Notification within 24 hours will incur the full lesson fee.


      Pre-paid cancelled lessons cannot be refunded, unless this minimum of 24 hours is given.
      Within this period full payment will still be required.

    NB: Lesson time is maximised for tuition. However, as much homework as possible is marked during this time too.
             Any homework that is taken away for marking is done on a pro bono basis and in personal time -
             hence it should not be assumed that this is part of the lesson fees.
         Email: enquiries@mathsteacherstalbans.co.uk           or         Telephone:    01727 864192