Dr. Yva Allen    -    BA Hons / MA (Oxford), LLM, PhD                                                                   Featured in the 11 Plus Tutors Guide


I am a highly accomplished, professional tutor with an exceptional track record of teaching pupils to over-perform in their exams. 
I have an enviable 100% success rate helping children achieve their first choice public school, as well as Oxbridge entrance candidates
(being an Oxford graduate myself).
With over 25 years of experience I enjoy working with pupils and seeing them progress through the challenges of the educational system. My expertise and passion for making a difference means that I am committed to ensuring that I always help students to unlock and reach their maximum potential for learning.  

I specialise in: 

  •   taking young children from the age of 5+ through Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 of the Maths (and English) curriculum;
  •   preparing children for all components (verbal reasoning / non verbal reasoning, English and Maths) of  the 7+, 11+ and 13+ common      entrance exams;
  •   accelerated learning for gifted and talented pupils in Mathematics Challenge and Olympiad training;
  •   coaching A level and Oxbridge entrance exam candidates.

I provide targetted help in so much as the personal attention of private, one-to-one tuition creates a unique situation which cannot be recreated in a large classroom environment or even smaller groups. It means teaching is conducted a pace and to a level of sophistication appropriate to each individual pupil.

Private 1:1 tuition also ensures no weak areas are left unaddressed and that pupils fully understand the course work every step of the way. In this respect I have a wealth of materials and past papers and can therefore offer pupils a well-structured tuition plan to ensure their success. This approach is motivational, as the targetted help improves a pupil's confidence and makes them more motivated to achieve good results in school work and exams. 

My ethos is friendly, down-to-earth and unpretentious.  Maths can be made simple and genuinely can be interesting and fun. So I also endeavour to inject a bit of fun into lessons, enthusing pupils by combining their interests with studies and building a strong teacher-friend relationship.

My philosophy is simple - I truly believe there is absolutely nothing that cannot be taught and learnt, so long as a person is willing to be taught and to learn.

 "Mathematics is not just a collection of skills, it is a way of thinking. It lies at the core of scientific understanding, and of rational and logical argument."                                   Dr Colin Sparrow, Lecturer in Mathematics, University of Cambridge


Email: enquiries@mathsteacherstalbans.co.uk            or         Telephone:    01727 864192